All Eyes Are on You with Company Vehicle Signage

Apr 25 , 2018
Per Statistics Canada, commuting is part of daily life for most working Canadians. While many take advantage of public transportation, those using a car increased by 28.3% from 1996 to 2016. In 2016, the average commuting time was 24.1 minutes for car commuters.

Any way you slice it – for professional or personal reasons – we all get our fair share of windshield time. For marketers, it’s great opportunity to do some valuable brand promotion to a relatively captive audience. How?

Enter vehicle signage and graphics.

Plenty of companies, large and small, that derive the bulk of their business locally can increase brand exposure and awareness around town with “rolling promotions” all year long. On delivery runs or service calls – even when parked in lots – your vehicle advertising is always “on,” visible and can make a lasting impression.

Here are some of today's most popular options for vehicle signage:

Logos and Lettering – This is a simple application to a back window or door panel with your company name, contact information and logo. Want to change your message? They are easily installed and removed.

Magnets – Do you offer seasonal services? Does your company car do double-duty for personal use, too? Consider repositionable magnets. You get a custom treatment that can be removed and reused multiple times or switched out for a second business or product line.

Partial Wrap – For greater visual impact, a partial wrap of bold graphics is a stand-out in a sea of solids colours.

When you consider the opportunities to share your company name, website, phone number and service specialties with thousands of potential customers 24/7, it almost makes traffic jams and back-ups a little more bearable!

Ready to “rev up” your vehicle graphics? We’re your nearby experts; we can help.

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