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Bring Creativity to Your Office

Jun 1 , 2017

We all have those days where we get stuck in a creative rut; we have trouble writing content and are unable to generate new and innovative ideas. Luckily, there are few things that you can do to boost creativity in your office throughout the workday:

Exercise At Your Desk

Several studies have shown that exercise can boost your creativity and, as a result, increase your productivity. Completing simple stretches and exercises not only helps to take your thoughts off of work for a few minutes, but can help you approach projects with a fresh mind. Sadie Lincoln of Barre3, recommends the following exercises:

-Sumo Squats

-Power Lunges

-Power Leg Posture

-Gentle Back Bend

To learn how, visit: http://www.fitnessmagazine.com/videos/m/85788430/the-5-minute-desk-workout.htm

Add Some Music and Background Noise to the Office   

A quiet work space can sometimes do more harm than good. Listening to music can help you generate new ideas, concentrate on the tasks in front of you and increase your productivity. Whether you choose to listen to classical or rock, find songs that allow you to remain focused on your work but that also help your imagination run wild. 

Keep That Messy Desk Messy!

A desk is your own personal workspace but what happens when it becomes messy and unorganized? Before you take your lunch break to sort files, throw out sticky notes and collate papers, consider keeping your desk messy for a few more days until the big project that you are working on is complete. Lea Winerman, a writer for the American Psychological Association, highlights the results of a study that appeared in an issue of Psychological Science. In the study Kathleen Vohs from University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management found that, working in a messy room seems to help [people] try new things and come up with creative ideas.” So before you take time to clean your desk, use your cluttered work space to help you brainstorm new ideas!

Creativity in the workplace is important as it not only helps to generate new ideas but it can increase your productivity as well. The next time you have problems brainstorming ideas for a big project, consider using these tips!